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*on Raleigh 20s.
A Raleigh Rally, if you will.

because why wouldn't you? New Zealand is so little and Raleigh 20's are known for their all terrain capability, their craftsmanship and their copious amount of luggage carrying capacity ..

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We’re two friends who have worked together and ridden mountain bikes together for a number of years.

Without any particular experience in endurance events or very much forethought, with a relaxed training regime and a lot of optimism, we’re riding the Tour Aotearoa on our Raleigh 20 bicycles.
But aren’t they kids bikes, you ask? Well, umm .. who knows, really. (We'll keep you posted ..!)

​Starting at Cape Reinga at 7am on 17 Feb, we aim to make our way 3000km all the way south to Bluff without breaking down emotionally, physically, or mechanically. (We're on the road now, you can track where we are here!)

We’re raising money for Christchurch City Mission, a charity that does incredible work for underprivileged people in Christchurch. If you’d like to support us and make our insanity worthwhile, please give generously to City Mission here.

Thanks to those who have helped make this possible- our families for tolerating our silliness, Bevan at Frontal Lobe for helping with set up, our employers for allowing us time off but who probably won’t miss us, and you, for reading this blog.

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What is this Tour Aotearoa you speak of?

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

The Tour Aotearoa is a 3000km bike packing journey from Cape Reinga to Bluff. It uses cycle trails, tracks and back country roads to make its way down the length of New Zealand. You can ride the route any time of the year, but every two years since 2016, the Tour Aotearoa has also been run as a brevet. The event is organised by the legendary Kennett brothers who have ridden, mapped out and refined the entire course over a number of years. The route follows as many NZ cycle trails and rural backroads as possible, only using highways where absolutely necessary.

A brevet is an organised cycling event where riders are entirely self sufficient, must follow the specific route, carry a GPS tracker, have to finish in a certain time. For Tour Aotearoa, finish time needs to be between 10 and 30 days, and participants are only permitted to ride a certain number of hours per day (I think it’s 16, or maybe it’s 18… to be honest, that’s one rule we’re not really in danger of breaking so we probably don’t need to figure out which it is).

In 2020, there will be over 1000 riders who will start daily in groups of 100 or so from the Cape Reinga lighthouse.

We’re starting on 17 Feb, which is Day 1 of the event. You can follow our progress on here and Instagram. Woo!

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