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*on Raleigh 20s.
A Raleigh Rally, if you will.

because why wouldn't you? New Zealand is so little and Raleigh 20's are known for their all terrain capability, their craftsmanship and their copious amount of luggage carrying capacity ..

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We’re two friends who have worked together and ridden mountain bikes together for a number of years.

Without any particular experience in endurance events or very much forethought, with a relaxed training regime and a lot of optimism, we’re riding the Tour Aotearoa on our Raleigh 20 bicycles.
But aren’t they kids bikes, you ask? Well, umm .. who knows, really. (We'll keep you posted ..!)

​Starting at Cape Reinga at 7am on 17 Feb, we aim to make our way 3000km all the way south to Bluff without breaking down emotionally, physically, or mechanically. (We're on the road now, you can track where we are here!)

We’re raising money for Christchurch City Mission, a charity that does incredible work for underprivileged people in Christchurch. If you’d like to support us and make our insanity worthwhile, please give generously to City Mission here.

Thanks to those who have helped make this possible- our families for tolerating our silliness, Bevan at Frontal Lobe for helping with set up, our employers for allowing us time off but who probably won’t miss us, and you, for reading this blog.

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Whyyyy, Wairarapa?

DAY 13

There was a few little spits of rain when we left Featherston, early in the morning. And as usual, westerly wind. By the time we got half an hour down the road, it had turned to proper rain.

I grew up in Featherston, so I’d spent the last few days talking about how good the Rimutaka Incline ride was. Well. Good one Featherston. It howled with wind, and it poured down, all the way up. As in, the track was running like a river.

I hardly even got the chance to stop and admire the Manuka tree my older brother crashed into way back in about 1995 as we rode the Incline on our Avanti Town and Country bikes.

I steadfastly refused to accept the rain was here to stay, so by the top of the incline I was soaked through and freezing - not my best look nor my best Rimutaka experience!

As we got through the Hutt Valley, the rain started to let up, and we stopped for the best coffee of my trip so far, at Caltex Stokes Valley.

thank you, cactus!

As we rode down to Petone, I had the bad luck to get a puncture, and as we fixed it, we were joined by a bunch of other cyclists out on their Saturday morning rides. It’s cool to have random, interesting conversations with strangers as we travel, so we enjoyed the short break, before getting onto the motorway, and heading into Wellington and a headwind.

We stopped in to see the good folks at Cactus, who gave us t shirts and helped promote our fundraising for Christchurch City Mission - please feel feel to be compelled give even just a couple of $ to this amazing work here.

We made it to the wharf, loaded up and had a lovely relaxing ferry ride. Some of us relaxed more than others! (Napping in the sun = gooooood.)

And here we are, back on the mainland again! The wonderful Sherwyn and Noel in Picton not only gave us beds for the night, but cooked dinner AND breakfast for us. Thanks so much, guys! We're glad to be 'home' .. and we're over halfway now ..

Todays stats:

Distance 88km (+90 for ferry)

Elevation 736m

Riding time 5:33

Max speed 35.6kph

Calories 2868

Rainfall: lots

Wind: lots

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